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Minutes of the 9th National Delegate Assembly in HCM city, Vietnam in Nov 30th, 2011

Minute of the 9th National Delegate Assembly of ARCCNM

1.     Time ; 17:10 ~18:00, 30th November, 2011

2.     Venue: Vietnam Room(Level 1), New World Saigon Hotel, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

3.     Attendees:

H Bom (Korea), R Hussain (Bangladesh), H Lee (Korea), T San Luis (Philippines), Jun Hatazawa (Japan), Khoa (Vietnam), Durr-e-Sabih (Pakistan), MC Lee (Korea), JK Chung (Korea), MA Karim (Bangladesh), F Sundram (Malaysia), S Lee (China), He (China), A Malhotra (India), H Kartamihardja (Indonesia), Mohamed Ali Abdul Khader (Malaysia), Sereegotov Erdenechimeg (Mongolia), J Lee (Korea), RV Ogbac (Philippines), M Dondi (IAEA)4.     Issues discussed:

1)    Minute of the 8th NDA at Bangladesh was approved.

2)    Brief reports by the chairman (Dr. Bom), the treasurer (Dr. Lee) and dean of ASNM (Dr. San Luis) were accepted.

3)    Amendment of the Constitution was approved. According to the revised Constitution, individual members and dues are newly inserted. Dues are especially for industrial members. Executive committee replaces organizing committee for a more efficient running of ARCCNM.

4) Korea was selected as the host country for the 10th AGM.

5) Korea was selected as the hosting country of a fixed office of ARCCNM.


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