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Minutes of the 10th National Delegate Assembly in Seoul, Korea in Oct. 25th, 2012

The 10th Delegate Assembly of ARCCNM

16:00 ~17:00, 25th October, 2012

3F, Saehan Building, Seoul, Korea


Dr. Hee Seung Bom (Henry)(South Korea), Dr. Durre Sabih (Pakistan), Dr. Jun Hatazawa (Japan), Dr. Tomio Inoue (Japan), Dr. Ren-Shyan Liu (Taiwan), Dr. Qaisar H. Siraj (Kuwait), Dr. Rasoul Zakav I (Iran), Dr. Raihan Hussain (Bangladesh), Dr. Mohammad Karim (Bangladesh), Dr. Kyung han Lee (Korea), Dr. Seigo Kinuya (Japan), Dr. Hussein S. Kartamihardja (Indonesia), Ms. Najoung Kim (South Korea) and Ms. Sahar Mirsaidi (Iran).



The issues that have been discussed were as followed;

1.      The 12th AOFNMB was accepted to be held in 2017 Yokohama, Japan (Congress President Prof. Tomio Inoue).


2.      Among two of the Logos designed by Korean Organizing team, The Logo Type A was approved by the members and delegates of the AOFNMB.


3.      The Report of the 10th AOFNMB Governing Council Meeting in Tehran/Iran was read by Miss Sahar Mirsaidi the Organizer of the 10th Congress and was approved.


4.      Amendment of the Charter was approved with some changes from the President of the AOFNMB Dr. Henry Bom and other delegates, the changes were as followed;


_ Article III, Membership; Section4 and Section5

_ Article IV, Structure of the Organization; Section8, Section9 and Section10

_ Article V, Congresses and Other Meetings; Section11, Section12, Section13, Section14 and Section 15.

_ Article IX, Amendment; Section19 and Section 20.


5.      The Timetable Chart was approved for the best time interval of the AOFNMB to be every 2 years from 2015 till 2023 and afterwards the AOFNMB will be held annually. (Changed in Vancouver that annual congress starts in 2021.)


6.      Regarding the Publication of the Journal of the AOFNMB; Dr. R. Zakavi (Iran) has suggested that Mashhad University of Medical Sciences will accept the publication of the Journal however, Dr. Q. H. Siraj (Kuwait) has noted that Mashhad University of medical Sciences publishes the Journal by the Ownership of the AOFNMB therefore it was agreed to be published by the Mashhad University in ownership of the AOFNMB.


Dr. Seigo Kinuya (Japan) mentioned the need of a manager to have the Open Access and also the Print Access for the Publication of it. Therefore Dr. Bom (S.Korea/ARCCNM) has announced the Chairmen of the AOFNMB Journal; Dr. R. Zakavi (Iran), Dr. Q. H. Siraj (Kuwait) and Dr. S. Kinuya (Japan).


7.      The need of a Permanent Office for the Asia Oceania Federation of Nuclear Medicine and Biology was mentioned by Dr. Bom and the decision of the location of the Office was left to be decided during his presidency .

The Chairmen declared the meeting closed.

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