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Minutes of the 11th National Delegate Assembly in Mumbai, India in Dec. 13th, 2013

The 11th Delegate Assembly

Asian Regional Cooperative Council for Nuclear Medicine

10:00 ~11:30, 13th December, 2013

Nehru Centre, Mumbai, India

1.     Time : 10:00 ~11:30, 13th December, 2013

2.     Venue: 1F, Nehru Centre, Mumbai, India

3.     Attendees:

Henry Bom (Korea), Raihan Hussain (Bangladesh), Jun Hatazawa (Japan), Kyin Myint (Myanmar), Sereegotov Erdenechimeg (Mongolia), Jerry Obaldo (Philippines), Dong Soo Lee (Korea), Jun Young Choi (Korea), Prasanta K. Pradhan (India), Carlo Jose San Juan (Philippines), Shah Md Kabiruzaman (Bangladesh), Mizanul Hasan (Bangladesh), Takashi Kato (Japan), Kengo Ito (Japan), Etsuko Imabayashi (Japan), Shigeru Kosuda (Japan), Jie Yuan (China), Tawika Kaewchur (Thailand), Pongpija Tuchinda (Thailand), Kelvin Lolce (Singapore), Tin Swe (Myanmar), Ryan Yudistiro (Indonesia), Fon Mai Hong (Vietnam), Luong Kinh Nguyen (Vietnam), Sunny Kim (ARCCNM office), Sang Lee (ARCCNM office)

Guests: Kun Mo Choi (RCARO), Fred Verzijlbergen (Netherlands), Andrea Bauer (EANM office)

4.     Issues discussed:

1)    Minute of the 10th NDA at Seoul, Korea was approved with revision: Korea was selected as the hosting country of a fixed office of both ARCCNM and AOFNMB. AGM 2014 was decided to be held in Osaka.

2)    Brief reports of the chairman, the treasurer and dean of ASNM were presented by the chairman (H. Bom) and were accepted by NDA.

3)    J. Hatazawa was elected as the 4th Chairman of the ARCCNM.

4)    G. Huang was elected as the 4th Dean of the ASNM.

5)    Delegate M. Hasan pointed out that the budget of ARCCNM was not increased last 10 years. Discussions to raise the budget were followed.

6)    Future meeting plan by H. Bom was accepted by NDA.

7)    H. Bom suggested activation of working groups and task forces according to the Constitution. His suggestion was accepted by NDA.

8)    R. Hussain proposed a project to raise the activity the Asian Nuclear Medicine 10 fold in 10 years of time. This proposal was named as ten-ten project by H. Bom, and was accepted by NDA.

5.     NDA was adjourned at 11:30.

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