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Agenda of the 12th National Delegate Assembly in Osaka, Japan in Nov. 6th, 2014
National Delegate Assembly of AOFNMB and ARCCNM
15:00 ~16:00, 6th Novecember, 2014
Rm 1202, Osaka Intl Convention Centre, Osaka, Japan
1.       Remarks 
          - Opening Remarks: Henry Bom, President of AOFNMB
                                         Jun Hatazawa, Chairman of ARCCNM
          - Congratulatory Remark: Kun Mo Choi, Director for RCARO
2.      Approval of the Agenda
3.      Approval of the Mumbai Minutes
4.      Report of the President of AOFNMB
5.      Report of the Chairman of ARCCNM
6.      Report of the Dean of ASNM
7.      Report of the Chair of ANMB
8.      Report of the Editor-in-Chief of AOJNMB
9.      Report of Treasurer of AOFNMB and ARCCNM
10. Discussion of the future meetings
11. Others
12. Adjournment
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