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The Asian Regional Cooperative Council for Nuclear Medicine (ARCCNM) was officially founded at the 1st
Executive Board Meeting in Hong Kong, China in February 2001.

The 1st Executive Board Meeting sought to institute an Executive Board to be the governing body of the ARCCNM, and the following authorities were elected accordingly: Dr. Myung-Chul Lee (Korea) as the first Chairman of the ARCCNM; Dr. June-Key Chung (Korea) as Secretary General/Treasurer; Dr. M. A Karim (Bangladesh), Dr. Jahan S. Masjhur (Indonesia) and Dr. Yutaka Suzuki (Japan) as co-Vice Chairmen of each of the regional chapters, Southeast Asia, South Asia and Far East Asia. Dr. Xiu-Jie Liu, Dr. Felix X. Sundram and Dr. Cheuk Man Tong, were later instituted as Board members as well.

The Executive Board is responsible for managing the political matters of the ARCCNM and is held accountable for managing the political matters of the council and the supervision of the Member Assemblies and National Delegates. The ARCCNM structure also include s Working-Group Members and Task-Force Groups. Two to three active members from the three regional chapters, Southeast Asia, South Asia and Far East Asia, were nominated as Working-Group members for practical action of the Council, and Six Task-Force Groups in the specific fields of Nuclear Neurology, Nuclear Cardiology, Nuclear Oncology, Radionuclide Therapy, General Nuclear Medicine and the Basic Sciences were approved by the Executive Board. Coordinators for each group were appointed at the 1st Executive Board Meeting.

The main objectives of ARCCNM are as follows:
  • To foster Asian regional cooperation in promoting nuclear medicine in Asian countries, particularly in developing and less developed countries
  • To establish liaisons with the official national bodies of nuclear medicine
  • To encourage research collaboration
  • To work out training programs
  • To communicate with international organizations
  • To enhance regional scientific activities by way of conferences, seminars and educational programs
  • To facilitate exchange programs for experts, trainees and fellows
  • To organize Task-Force Groups

To achieve the extensive goals of the ARCCNM, Executive Board Meetings and Working Group Meetings are held at the request of Chairman or the Executive Board in developing or undeveloped countries in association with scientific occasions.