Moving Forward

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  • Moving Forward

As Nuclear Medicine moves into the future, ASNM is faced with a number of challenges, among which are

  • Vastness of the Asian continent
  • Inhomogeneity of NM infrastructure & practices
  • Different levels of development & training
  • Dependence on outside sources for instrumentation & parts, radiopharmaceutical supplies & materials translating into higher costs
  • Absent or inadequate logistical support for continuing education
  • Difficulty in accessing nuclear information technology for utilization in developing countries
  • Infrequency of educational courses & scientific congresses held within the Region
  • In coordinated approaches to training requirements of physicians, technologists and other NM professionals
  • Lack of designated Centers of Competence (CoC) as hubs for regional training
  • Although faced with these challenges, ASNM is determined to achieve its goals in as far as it can reach, and in the shortest possible time. Like the shadow that moves with the body, ASNM will march into the future in synchrony with the rest of the Nuclear Medicine World.