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Welcome to the website of Asian School of Nuclear Medicine (ASNM). This website will provide professional training courses and skills, news, experience, science progress, feedback etc. for learning and exploring Nuclear Medicine. Hope the website can help you to overcome the difficulties of studying and developing nuclear medicine in your hospital and country.

ASNM, as a young school and educational institute of the Asian Regional Cooperative Council for Nuclear Medicine (ARCCNM), has a history of only ten years. The mission of ASNM is to structure continue education and lifelong learning system for training professionals and the progress of nuclear medicine and molecular imaging in Asia. As new Dean of ASNM, I would like to work together with all colleagues in nuclear medicine and relevant fields in the following key issues in the near future.

  • promoting training of Nuclear Medicine physicians, technologists, radiopharmacists, medical physicists and other professionals; through cooperation with government agencies, universities, national societies and companies partners.
  • Paying close attention to the inhomogeneity of training & practice of Nuclear Medicine in Asia, ASNM will try to standardize NM education and training throughout ARCCNM Member States, assist in national and regional training courses, award continuing professional education (CPE) points, and providing regional experts for advanced educational programs
  • Strengthening training programs by developing curriculum of appropriate content that integrates the radiological sciences into molecular imaging.
  • Setting up and update regularly online learning courses of nuclear medicine and molecular imaging, which is found the opportunities for flexibility and accessibility of scheduling and cost efficiency that online studies can offer.
  • Formulating guidelines of Asian Nuclear Medicine for routine working instruction and training materials.
  • Working towards awarding diplomas or degrees/continuing education (CE) units in association with recognized universities/hospitals by distance learning, practical attachments and other scholarly activities.
  • developing its extensive link with international community and actively facilitate the cooperation and exchanges with the major international organizations and schools of nuclear medicine such as IAEA, WFNMB, AOFNMB, ESNM,SNMMI etc. and their schools.

Although Asia is a vast continent and a very uneven development of medicine, we can daily communicate and learn each other from every nook and corner of the region through the website. This website does connect Nuclear Medicine (NM) professionals from Member States of ARCCNM with national NM societies and international & regional organizations. It is a nice platform for following the latest developments of Nuclear medicine and molecular imaging in the world, for exchanging the ideas and experiences regarding education and training in Nuclear Medicine in Asia, for global collaborating in clinical service, research and professional training. As a chronicle of events and learning resources, the website display news and progress of Asian nuclear medicine, scientific lectures that have been delivered in different symposia and discussions during meetings from Asia and world.

As the Dean of ASNM, I am looking forward all of us to showing what we are doing to disseminate knowledge on nuclear medicine and molecular imaging. I sincerely hope that all colleagues and relevant organizations will enthusiastically participate and actively provide a high level of lectures and courses. I would like all of you to contribute to the dissemination of awareness of our specialty amongst all our colleagues. May we achieve our dream!

Prof. Gang Huang, MD.
Asian School of Nuclear Medicine (ASNM)