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  • ASNM
  • Objective

ASNM aims to facilitate the spread of knowledge in Nuclear Medicine from the more developed countries to the less developed ARCCNM Member States within the Region.

The School aims to do this by:
  • fostering education in Nuclear Medicine in the Asian countries, particularly the less developed ones
  • promoting training of Nuclear Medicine physicians, technologists, radiopharmacists, medical physicists and other allied professionals; in cooperation with government agencies, universities, national societies and industry partners
  • assisting in national and regional training courses, awarding continuing professional education (CPE) points, and providing regional experts for advanced educational programs
  • standardizing Nuclear Medicine education and training throughout ARCCNM Member States
  • working towards awarding diplomas or degrees/continuing education (CE) units in association with recognized universities/hospitals by distance learning, practical attachments and other scholarly activities.

From its establishment, ASNM has been actively involved in several teaching courses and activities. It has initiated some National Training Programs in Nuclear Medicine, and has spearheaded Educational Sessions in various Regional & National Congresses.
Furthermore, ASNM has initiated the survey of training programs in Member States, which will be critical in the development of a template for a Standardized Program for Nuclear Medicine for the region. Data collection on human resources (MD, PhD, Tech, etc), equipment & instrumentation, procedures, and training formats is likewise part of the effort to come up with a Standardized Training Program.

In its goal to promote Nuclear Medicine education within the region, ASNM has interfaced with other organizations like the IAEA, WFNMB, AOFNMB, RCA-RO, NKM, ANENT, WNU, and ESNM.