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Meeting with JSNM leaders

Meeting with JSNM leaders


Date: October 18, 2001
Place: Nikko Hotel (Ume Room)

   Korea    Dr. Myung-Chul Lee (Chairman of ARCCNM)
                  Dr. June-Key Chung (Treasure of ARCCNM)
                  Dr. Sang-Moo Lim (Secretariat of ARCCNM)

     Japan    Dr. Konishi(Chairman)
                   Dr. Tonami (President)
                   Dr. Tanada (WFNMB and SNM delegate)
                   Dr. State (CJK Delegate)
                   Dr. Suzuki (AOFNMB Delegate)  

Brief introduction was presented by Dr. Myung-Chul Lee.
  (Purpose, Organization, Future action etc.)


Main issues discussed are as follows:

  - Full support from Japan through JSNM was confirmed.
  - In near future, ARCCNM will be donsidered to be one body under
     AOFNMB: Fully established.
  - Annual General Meeting will include scientific session and education
  - One alternative delegate from Japan instead of Dr. Nakajima would
     sent for the 1st Working Group Meeting.
  - Other agenda: Some possibility regarding of JSNM awards and  
     countribution for Japanese Journal (Annual Nuclear Medicine by
     JSNM, Radiation Medicine by JRS

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