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File Textbook.pdf Chapter 1 figure.pdf Chapter 1 Tables.pdf Chapter2_Figure.pdf Chapter2_Tables.pdf
Textbook for ANMB Examination

ANMB Examination

November 4, 2014
Osaka, Japan

The first ANMB (Asian Nuclear Medicine Board) exam will be held during the 2014 General Annual Meeting of ARCCNM.

A physician who has successfully passed the exam is conferred the title of "Fellow of the Asian Nuclear Medicine Board" (FANMB).
Please refer to the page below (or click ANMB menu at the top of this homepage) to get more information about ANMB.

Attached is the textbook for the ANMB examination, an English version of Chapter 12 and 13 in the “Textbook of Clinico-Radiological Technology, the 12th edition”, 
which was published in Japanese (Editors; Drs. Takahiro Kozuka, Seiya Inamura, Kazuya Yamashita, and Akimune Hayami) in 2010 by Nankodo, Tokyo, Japan.

* Detailed schedule and information on the examination will be noticed again.

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